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Crowdfundingon the blockchain!

Using smart contract technology to build a safer, cheaper and global crowdfunding service - with a new NFT model.

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Fairer, faster, cheaper.

What makes CrowdFund NFT different?

Proof of participation

NFTs provide proof of participation to backers - so that their status as an early contributor, and claim to rewards are stored on the IC Blockchain.

Cheap and Global

Using the IC Blockchain allows for project creators to open up their crowdfunding round to a global audience, with cheap transaction fees and instant global payments.

Low risk

With Blockchain, the crowdfunding process can be run on smart contract - with tamperproof funds management systems to assure automatic triggers for reimbursements, fund releases and NFT disbursements.


An alternative to traditional crowdfunding platforms

CrowdFund NFT is an alternative to Kickstarter, Go Fund Me, and other traditional crowdfunding platforms. Its unique approach? It runs entirely on the Internet Computer blockchain, and uses NFTs to provide backers with ‘proof of ownership’ in the projects they help crowdfund.

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Built on the Internet Computer.

With the IC, our platform is hosted entirely on chain. From NFT assets, to our backend and frontend code - the platform is run entirely on decentralised systems. Other benefits of the IC include:

Reverse Gas Model

The IC runs on a reverse gas model, meaning no gas fees for users - simply a flat fee of 0.0001 ICP. This makes payments affordable, and reimbursements possible.


Our platform can be easily integrated with other IC systems. We have partnered with PlugWallet, Entrepot and more to build a complete blockchain service.

Our Escrow Canister

We have built an escrow canister which handles funds for crowdfunding projects autonomously. If you wish to check out our escrow canister code, have a look at our GitHub repo.

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