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Crowdfund NFT logo

Crowdfund NFT
by Crowdfund NFT

Our own collection of NFTs. Get early access to all future CrowdFund NFT projects by holding one of these.

Cosmicrafts logo

by Omar Hernandez Salmeron

Cosmicrafts is the first Real-Time Strategy game on the Internet Computer by using the latest Blockchain technology. The funds will go to research and development to create sophisticated and first-class game assets as NFTs, being able to assemble them in parts and upgrade its properties. We are rewarding our investors with our first collection of original and unique artwork NFTs. Created out of our most attractive game assets, each NFT is handcrafted and layered out from its conception as technical drawing, rendering 3D models and stunning visual effects. Cosmicrafts RoadMap for Q2 2022 is important step towards the consolidation of the project on the ecosystem, we are challenged by the new technology that Internet Computer brings in.

ICWhiskers logo

IC Whiskers
by catpirate.icp

Our project’s first collection will be sold on the CCC NFT marketplace. ICWhiskers will be user’s pass into our project and future airdrops. Izzy, the founder and lead-artist of ICWhiskers has been drawing from 9 years and is learning to use different programs as well. Currently we are focussed on finishing the art. The artist is also working on 10,000 NFT collection called Metacats, which will be airdropped to DSCVR users and certain whitelisted users from our community.

Sa-Chan cover

by Sa-chan

ICPs first live-action NFT, brought to you by Sa-chan, a lover of strawberries

Kinic logo

by Wyatt Benno

Kinic is a search engine for web3 content.

Get set up on CrowdFund NFT

To use CrowdFund NFT, you will need a Plug Wallet, containing ICP tokens. You may also need to set up Internet Identity, if you intend to submit a project.

How to set up

Plug Wallet

A wallet to store and manage NFTs, Tokens, and connect to dApps on the Internet Computer.

  • Log into IC apps from your browser using Pricipal ID

  • Manage, send and receive all your IC assets from one place, with one ID.

  • Save contacts (aka name IDs) in a local storage address book.

How to set up

Internet Identity

Internet Identity is an anonymous blockchain authentication framework supported by the Internet Computer.

  • Create Identity Anchors - assigned to cryptographically enabled devices

  • Fingerprint sensor on laptop

  • Face ID system on phone

  • Portable HSM - such as YubiKey or Ledger Wallet

How to buy ICP tokens

To use CrowdFund NFT, you will also need to have ICP tokens transferred to your Plug Wallet. You can buy ICP tokens on Coinbase, Binance, or any other major exchange.
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